II The Artist

Steven “Quan Luv” Calixte is a modern day artist who encompasses the true definition of a complex creator. What he titles as his “visions” are various mediums he uses to express his diverse interpretations of reality. He first achieved notoriety as founder of A.L.I.E.N. NYC, a multifaceted creative New York based collective known primarily for their fashion forward aesthetics. The collective quickly became a major staple in street fashion and helped to cultivate the international underground fashion scene.

II Philosophy

Although known primarily for his street fashion sense and reconstruction of popular art, his core audience was gravitated to his philosophical and peace-loving inspired principles. With his heart emblem being his popularized identity, he felt that the heart was the core source of creative energy. As he matured in his artistic endeavors he found it essential to give back to the youth, being that it is the heart of the young that fuels imagination. He taught art at both public & private institutes as well as local community centers throughout New York.